Are you looking for an oven with a spacious chamber, a strong glass viewing window, and a safety screen? Look no further than the Gallenkamp vacuum oven! This system has a cutting-edge touchscreen control system that can be customised to meet your laboratory’s specific needs.

We designed this oven with your experience in mind. Its exterior is made of steel and coated with a powder that’s easy to clean. Inside, the oven is lined with aluminium, fixed shelf runners, and removable shelves.

  • Compact Size – 31-litre capacity
  • History Display – onscreen historical trending (48 hours)
  • Eight stages profile control
  • Clear – Countdown timer and 24/7 real-time clock operation
  • Adaptable – Manual or automatic overheat reset
  • Safe – Temperature setting with over-temperature alarm indication
  • Reliable – Tough steel construction, toughened glass window and polycarbonate safety screen
  • Easy to use – Autotune feature and Easy-to-read Vacuum Gauge
  • Personalised – Profile mode
  • Flexible – export data easily to USB