Fenix Vacuum Oven (PID Version)

Fenix Vacuum Oven (PID Version)

Our popular ‘Gallenkamp design’ Vacuum Oven has now been upgraded to incorporate digital electronic PID control. Easier and faster electronic control settings improve performance accuracy. All the other great features of this proven vacuum oven remain.



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    Main Features

    • Compact size, large load (31 lt) capacity
    • Popular ‘Gallenkamp’ design now upgraded
    • Digital PID controller for easy and faster
    • Temperature setting with over temperature alarm indication
    • Independent over temperature safety protection
    • Easy-to-read vacuum guage
    • Highly versatile oven for atmospheric or reduced atmosphere operation
    • Suitable for solvent removal
    • Tough steel construction with strong door closure
    • Toughened glass window with polycarbonate safety screen
    • Front mounted push-on connectors


    Vacuum Oven Digital

    The Fistreem Vacuum Oven was previously manufactured by Sanyo Gallenkamp and branded ‘ Gallenkamp Vacuum Oven ‘ We are proud to announce this popular, robust and reliable Oven is now manufactured by our company and marketed under the Fistreem brand.

    The Fistreem Digital Vacuum Oven features a spacious rectangular chamber with toughened glass viewing window and shatter-resistant safety screen

    Temperatures up to 200°C are possible via the PID digital electronic controller. An independent temperature safety circuit protects sensitive samples from over-heating.

    This includes a vacuum gauge and two needle valves with tubing connectors conveniently sited on the front panel. Two shelves and an operating manual complete the package

    Tough Construction

    The outer case is tough, stoved epoxy-polyester painted steel, to look good even under the most demanding working conditions.The vacuum chamber is a robust light alloy casting supplied with two shelves and three shelf positions. The chamber is heated by large area heater panels strapped to its outer surface

    Glass fibre insulation maintains safe, low outer case temperatures. The chamber is closed by a 12.5mm thick toughened glass plate sealing onto a silicone rubber gasket. This glass plate is mounted onto the door by 4 spring-loaded pins to ensure an excellent, even seal to the chamber. Door closure is achieved via a strong and positive twist action latch.

    As an extra safety precaution a 4mm thick shatter resistant polycarbonate safety shield covers the door window.

    Temperature Control

    An electronic digital PID controller allows for easy and faster temperature setting with integral over temperature alarm indication.

    Temperatures up to 200°C are possible via the PID controller. An independent over-temperature safety circuit protects sensitive samples from over-heating.


    By using reduced pressure, the Fistreem Vacuum Oven enables heat sensitive materials to be dried at low temperatures. Alternatively, more stable samples may be dried more rapidly at higher temperatures, without fan circulation.

    This oven is also particularly useful for controlled atmosphere heating (e.g. curing of resins under nitrogen or reduced oxygen conditions). Since the inner chamber is sealed, it may also be suitable for solvent removal work, subject to adequate exhaust and ventilation conditions being provided for the oven and room respectively.

    Vacuum Controls

    Reliable, needle type inlet and exhaust valves are fitted. These are situated near the bottom front corner of the oven for convenient connection to a vacuum pump, vapour trap or exhaust. The serrated nozzles accept flexible vacuum tubing of 10-12mm bore. A vacuum gauge is fitted showing vacuum pulled, from 0 to 1000 mbar.


    Additional information

    Weight 43 kg
    Dimensions 420 × 630 × 425 mm


    Capacity, Litre 31
    Temperature Range 30 to 200°C at ambient temperatures less than 25°C
    Power Rating, Maximum, W 1000 nominally @240V
    Shelf, (W x D), mm 366 x 290
    Number of Shelves Supplied 2
    Number of Shelf Positions 3
    Interval Between Positions, mm 75
    Internal Dimensions (H x W x D), mm 260 x 375 x 310
    Overall Dimensions (H x W x D), mm 420 x 630 x 425
    Weight, Kg 43
    Tubing Connections 10-12mm Bore
    Leakage Rate (at 0.01 mbar) 10 mbar/24 hr
    i.e. 4×10-6 mbar/l/s

    Replacement Parts

    OVL-578-030M Shelf
    OVL-578-090G Door Gasket
    71070.087 Glass Door
    71070.088 Polycarbonate Safety Screen
    75030.007 Vacuum Gauge
    79060.066 Valve ( Inlet & Outlet )
    86900.023 Door Handle Component Assembly

    Ordering Information

    OVA031.XX3.1 Vacuum Oven 31 lts 120v
    OVA031.XX3.5 Vacuum Oven 31 lts 220-240v


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