Versatile pump for chemical applications

The new Gallenkamp vacuum pump comes from our latest pump generation series and is ideal for evaporation-type applications – especially benchtop rotary evaporators, vacuum concentrators and small vacuum ovens. With up to 20% higher pumping speed in the application critical working range (<20 mbar), it can achieve significantly faster solvent strip rates – more in line with the performance of a 3-stage diaphragm pump.

The oil-free design ensures a clean work environment and uncontaminated pumping of gases resulting in cleaner samples, with no risk of oil back-streaming, low maintenance costs and very easy serviceability – even simpler than previous pump generations. Its compact, lightweight design allows for minimal bench space usage and, along with its quiet operation, makes GKCDDP the essential chemistry diaphragm pump for laboratories. Use a vacuum regulator with a dial gauge to optimise the vacuum level for evaporating solvent.


Improved performance and exceptional reliability

GKCDDP has an optimised single-piece diaphragm (SPD) design and pump-head geometry for improved flow path and reliability. With its market-leading design using PTFE and other fluoropolymers for all wetted parts, the pump is fully chemically resistant against aggressive solvents and acidic vapours commonly used in chemistry and pharmaceutical labs. The pump heads are made from PTFE-carbon fibre composite to offer the best chemical resistance with added strength and rigidity. The SPD design significantly increases the chemical resistance and, therefore, the reliability – removing the need for a separate washer to hold it in place.

In addition, the unit complies with ATEX II3G IIC T3 X (internal Atm. only).