Gallenkamp Service Contracts

In addition to service contracts, we also offer a variety of value-added services for our vacuum oven, including mapping of the oven and validation.

To ensure that your Gallenkamp product continues to deliver outstanding performance, we recommend you have your system professionally serviced once a year. Gallenkamp provides calibration of your vacuum oven using equipment which meets national standards and is performed by trained service engineers. Regular thermal calibration is critical to your process, product security and customer satisfaction.


Temperature mapping of oven

A 9-point temperature mapping service provides a complete temperature gradient of the oven. Thermal mapping detects and records temperatures at various points in the vacuum oven’s set-point temperatures to discover any hot or cold spots.


Accuracy and precision are essential for the validity and reproducibility of a temperature control process. Gallenkamp offers a calibration service to identify measurement deviations from the ‘true value.’ We do this by using a reference measuring instrument, ensuring the instrument settings are readjusted, and the measurement results are documented in a calibration certificate.

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