Stirred Clifton water baths feature a digital PID temperature controller and are designed for immersion of flasks, bottles, racks in an accurate temperature environment throughout the water bath.

The stainless steel tank is housed in a sturdy outer case and is supplied complete with a stainless steel shelf, which provides even water circulation and temperature stability.

The thermostirrer is manufactured from stainless steel for durability. Painted surfaces feature a tough anti-bacterial finish with good chemical resistance. Easy-to-use controls which are wiped clean and have an anti-bacterial finish. Immersed components are corrosion resistant. The efficient stirrer is quiet in use and provides excellent temperature stability. Indication of heating, over temperature alarm and timer running.

When a low liquid level is detected a “FILL” message automatically appears and heating is suspended. Once refilled, heating is restored and temperature control resumes automatically. Over and under temperature alarms automatically protect samples in the water bath.