These industrial strength ultrasonic baths are designed for demanding applications and suitable for continuous operation. The baths are also ideal for cleaning delicate or fragile components which may otherwise be damaged by mechanical cleaning.

The new models feature a function which allows frequently used parameters to be stored in memory. This guarantees the exact repetition of a cleaning or degassing process and is useful in quality control procedures.

The baths are available from 1 to 90 litres capacity and feature an automatic sweep function for an efficient cleaning system and optimised performance. User-selectable option of boost and degas.

The touch pad, wipe clean, LED control panel displays set and actual values and temperature can be set between 30°C and 80°C in 5°C increments. The timer can be selected to operate between 1-30 minutes or maximum of up to 8 hours with auto switch-off after 12 hours on the larger models, if no keys have been activated, this feature prevents unintended operation.

Can be operated with or without tank temperature control.

Features lifting handles.

Please note – This ultrasonic cleaning unit has been designed for the ultrasonic treatment of items and liquids only. No alcohol or flammable related items can be used as this is very dangerous.