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Our vacuum ovens provide everything your lab needs

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Vacuum Oven PID Version

The PID version offers a simple and easy-to-pick-up screen perfect for general lab use.

Vacuum Oven Touchscreen Version

The touchscreen version offers a range of features, presets and password protection for a more secure lab.

Vacuum Pump

We offer a range of Vacuum pumps to perfectly pair with the oven to match your needs.

Oven Accessories

From an extra shelf to a replacement door we have everything you with ever need accross your ovens life.

Gallenkamp Service Contracts

To ensure that your Gallenkamp product continues to deliver outstanding performance, we recommend you have your system professionally serviced yearly. Gallenkamp provides calibration of your vacuum oven using equipment which meets national standards and is performed by trained service engineers. Regular thermal calibration is critical to your process and product security.

  • Temperature mapping of oven

  • Calibration

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